ARTC competes at AASAM 2017

This May a team from ARTC competed in the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting, the Army’s premier small arms competition. The team included members from 1 RTB with support from AAB-K and was made up of; Shane “swipe right” Arkins, Scott “it’s not cheating, its battle cunning” Saward, Warwick “pause, perfect, squeeze” Smith, Nicholas “rub it in the dirt” Latham, Stuart “GB actual” Jefferis and the “Murrumbidgee rookie”, Thomas Squires.

Team ARTC 2017 SGT Squires, SGT Jefferies, CPL Saward, BDR Latham, CPL Smith and CPL Arkins


The ARTC team had a highly successful competition achieving the following results;



BDR Latham awarded Champion Shot Army.

BDR Latham and CPL Saward awarded Top 20 Army.

CPL Saward awarded Service rifle Champion – Army.

BDR Latham 1st in the LSW assault match

CPL Saward 1st and SGT Squires 2nd in the Close combat match 1.

BDR Latham 1st and CPL Saward 3rd in the Close combat match 4.

CPL Saward 1st in the Barricade match.

BDR Latham 1st and CPL Arkins 3rd in the Applied Marksmanship Practice match. Of particular note is BDR Latham’s winning score of 281 out of 300, an outstanding feat of marksmanship.

CPL Saward 2nd in the Bayonet match.



1st in the AMP team aggregate

1st in the Team Obstacle course match

1st in the Team section attack match

2nd in the LSW team falling plate match

2nd in the LSW team aggregate

2nd in the Minor team Championship



Photo 2

Team members SGT Squires, BDR Latham and CPL Saward display individual medals, and the trophy awarded for highest score in the AMP.


These results reflect not only the outstanding individual skill sets of team members but also their attitude and commitment to continuous improvement. The most notable result being the awarding of the Champion Shots Medal to BDR Latham of B Coy 1 RTB by the Chief of Army, Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, DSC, AM.


The Champion Shots Medal was introduced in 1988 to encourage skill in small arms shooting in the Australian Defence Force. Three medals are available annually, one medal to each of the Services awarded to the winner of competitions organised by each Service.


Photo 3 Champion Shot Medal



Two members of the team, BDR Latham and CPL Saward, finished in the Top 20 of the Army, making them eligible to wear the Army Top 20 Badge, the crossed rifles with wreath. BDR Latham and CPL Saward were selected to represent Australia during the international phase of the competition, achieving the excellent overall positions of 8th and 11th respectively with BDR Latham placing 2nd overall on LSW, an impressive feat given the quality of the competition. These two marksmen have been fortunate enough to be selected to represent Australia at the Defence Operational Shooting Competition held by the British Army Rifle Association at Bisley Ranges, Pirbight England in June. On behalf of all members of ARTC we wish them the very best of luck.


Photo 4 Army Top 20 Badge


The ARTC Skill at Arms Team will look to defend our titles at AASAM 2018, for those interested the point of contact is Marksmanship Training Section who will be running staff development training over the coming months.

Photo 5

The ARTC team immediately prior to winning the obstacle course match


In April, MTS ran a series of ranges with the intent of providing all those posted to the KMA the opportunity to conduct individual marksmanship training, qualification on the new service rifle (the EF88) and the opportunity to be awarded the Skill at Arms Badge, known as the crossed rifles. This badge is awarded for demonstrating distinction in individual marksmanship by achieving a score of 240 or higher, out of the maximum 300, on the Applied Marksmanship Practice.


Photo 6 Army Skill at Arms Badge


The following personnel were awarded the badge as a result of this activity.

  • CPL W Smith
  • CPL SL Arkins
  • MAJ J Van Strijp
  • SGT T Squires
  • CPL S Sweatman
  • CPL JD Studenko
  • SGT CJ Stewart
  • SGT S Jefferis
  • MUSN L Greenhalgh

Additional opportunities to achieve this career milestone will be provided by MTS in the coming months.


Photo 7

ARTC team members prepare their equipment on the Puckapunyal Classification Range