Defence School Transition Aide program at Kapooka Public School

Our school is the most wonderful small school!

We are fortunate to have experienced and dedicated staff members who have an extensive understanding of children from a variety of backgrounds, whether it is Defence or from the local community.kps

The staff at Kapooka Public School (KPS) work closely together to ensure that all children are supported, not just academically, but also emotionally and socially to help them achieve their full potential.

Supporting the children.

When children arrive at our school, they are closely monitored by all staff to ensure they have as smooth as transition as possible. We value communication from our parents too, as together as a team, we can help provide the best opportunities for their child.


We offer a number of programs to enrich the children’s experience at our school:

  • Buddy Groups

We provide a ‘Buddy Group’ session in Term One teaching important pro-social skills and our school’s values. This is a school wide program.

  • Friendship Groups / programs for children with special needs

This year, groups of children come to a ‘Friendship Club’ aimed at giving the children a variety of skills which enriches their ability to make friends and enjoy their company

  • Monitoring students

During lunch I spend time with the children on the playground. I am then able to monitor the children’s friendship and peer groups and offer support when necessary.

  • Absent parents

kapooka-public-schoolFrom experience, we find it very helpful if we know when a parent is going to be away from home, as it allows us to understand why a child’s behaviour may change. We have a number of resources and strategies to help a children cope with an absent parent.

Supporting families.

  • Families welcome

The school hosts a very useful Information Night at the beginning of each year, which also incorporates a Welcome / Welcome Back BBQ for the whole family. Throughout the year, our Principal, Lyn Eacott and I host morning teas to enable parents to catch up with old friends and meet some new ones!

  • DSTA availability

I am available from Monday to Thursday from 9.00am – 3.00pm

  • Family Assistance Support Team (FAST)

Regularly throughout the year, our Principal, Lyn Eacott and I participate in the FAST meetings which are held on base at the Army Recruit Training Centre. These meetings are led by the Commandant and the S1 and include various leaders at ARTC and 1RTB, DCO and other important key stakeholders from Wagga. We work closely together to ensure that our families are receiving the best possible support during their stay in Wagga.

  • Parent Contact Booklet

To enable parents to make contact with other families from KPS, I collate and distribute a Parent Contact Booklet. It is optional to be included in this booklet.


  • Parent Resources.kps-wed

Thanks to the generosity of the ARTC’s Regimental Trust Fund and a Wagga Wagga City Council grant, I have been able to establish a ‘Parent Resource Library’ for families within the school. There are over 150 books, CDs & DVDs).


We welcome any questions that you may have.

Phone: 02 6931 2703



Kind Regards,

Thérèse McTavish

Defence School Transition Aide