Welcome from Colonel Mick Garraway, AM

It’s a pleasure for me to contribute a few words for the first 2018 edition of the Kapooka Chronicle. We have had some very pleasing developments in training in the last 12 months. 1 RTB has been leading the way with initiatives such as the trialling of the Military Shooting Continuum. The Recruit Development Wing has successfully introduced three pathway programs which are changing the face of our Army. The Army Adventurous Training Wing has now been charged with changing the way adventurous training is conducted. These developments have come about as a result of the efforts of our instructional staff and enabled by consistent support from those behind the scenes (in uniform, our APS staff and our contractors).   READ MORE

I would like to welcome those who have recently arrived here in Wagga and I encourage you to make the most of your time here. Wagga isn’t a big city, but if you take the time to engage in the in the Wagga community you won’t be disappointed. Wagga has a well earned reputation in regards to its sporting culture, but it has many other great things to offer if you wish to get involved.

I hope that you were able to attend the Defence Community Organisation (DCO) Welcome to Wagga event at the Oasis Aquatic Centre on the 17th February and I hope you discovered the broad range of local organisations who can support us, and with whom you can get involved.

Keep an eye out for other DCO events throughout the year, which include regular coffee catch-ups, walks around the lake and other family-focussed activities intended to create and enhance links between Defence Families and the wider Wagga area. I encourage families to make use of the Kapooka Neighbourhood House, located on Sturt Avenue (opposite Kapooka Public School).  The committee do a terrific job running regular activities such as Playgroups and coffee and craft mornings, and numerous other activities. So please get involved.

If you are a Facebook user please join the group ‘Kapooka Staff Families’. There’s a separate article describing what it is about in this edition of the Chronicle, in essence it is a community noticeboard implemented to try and help people to stay informed and feel more connected.

Finally, thank you to all the spouses and families for your support. We cannot maintain excellence in training Australian soldiers without the support you give to those of us in uniform.