1 RTB PTI Platoon

The PTI Pl has had a very proactive year in 2016 thus far and has accomplished many tasks including recruit and staff training, the Australian Military Bank Shield, lunch time sessions and the introduction of Recruit Development Wing (RDW).


This year has seen the continuation of the new recruit training program which incorporates strength training. The basketball courts have been transferred into a strength training facility that contains 40 weights racks and a large quantity of weight plates. The recruits conduct 11 strength sessions throughout their time at Kapooka and already statistic show a decrease in injuries and increase in overall conditioning of the recruits.


The purchase of this new equipment has also assisted with staff training and the lunchtime Crossfit/strength sessions that are conducted. The PTI Pl creates a monthly training program to cater for staff PT sessions in the morning. The sessions range from strongman training, to obstacle courses and everything in between. To help those that cannot make the morning sessions the PTIs have been running Crossfit and strength style training at lunchtimes. These sessions are quite often tailored to help train and revise skills for competitions the Battalion runs such as the Australian Military Bank Shield.


The Australian Military Bank Shield consists of four separate events held across the second half of the year. This is an inter company competition and at each event a score is given. Upon competition of the final event the company with the most points wins the Australian Military Bank Shield. The four events this year are an obstacle course race, cross country, a fitness competition and the tug of war which was conducted in August.


The tug of war competition was the first competition for this year’s Australian Military Bank Shield and it has set the standard high. The tournament comprised of 6 teams battling it out across several pulls. Alpha Company started the competition strong however Bravo Company had perfect rhythm making them strong contenders for the win. The end of the competition saw many blistered hands, shattered spirits and Alpha Company winning. These competitions are not only great fun but it is an ideal time for staff to unwind and switch off recruit instructor mode.1rtb-pti-pl-challenge


This year saw a huge change at 1RTB with the introduction of Recruit Development Wing (RDW). This wing was introduced to give females who are not quite at the required fitness standard a chance to improve fitness, confidence and conditioning so they can complete recruit training. The 6 week program was developed by PTIs and has a variety of training styles. The sessions include strength, interval training, military style lessons, yoga and much more. The first group of RDW conducted their testing in September finishing with outstanding results.


This is only a touch of what the PTIs offer here at Kapooka. Next year can see the same with more competition, a variety of training sessions and more fun PT.