Defence School Transition Aide -WWCC

Partnership with Wagga Wagga Christian College

The community at Wagga Wagga Christian College in regional NSW has grown in so many ways as a result of the Defence Families who are welcomed into our College. The richness of the community is strengthened through their presence and involvement. The role of the Defence School Transition Aide (DSTA) has been pivotal in encouraging and developing these relationships, not only among the Defence families but also connecting the Defence families toweb1 the existing College community.

The caring aspects of the DSTA role segways seamlessly into the Wagga Wagga Christian College vision – a desire to partner with families while providing excellent academic and practical education, all based on Jesus Christ as our foundation.

Hugh MacCallum, Principal of Wagga Wagga Christian College, states “The growth in our College Community is multiplied significantly through the inclusion of Defence families in our school. Without a doubt our Defence families are valued for their willingness to not only play a part in day to day life at the College but also to take on leadership roles within our community.  They have become an inspiration to others. The depth of knowledge they bring through their vast experience in other cities, countries and communities continues to be a blessing to our College families.”

Wagga Wagga Christian College has supported a DSTA role for the last five years. During that time the role has grown to encompass a wide range of responsibilities, from classroom support, small group student programs, social get-togethers with Defence families, classroom lessons on the ADF and the importance of remembrance, and the development of stronger ties between the two bases in Wagga and the College through work experience and excursions to the bases. Two landmark annual events at the College that are supported by RAAF Base Wagga and Kapooka Military Base are Defence Force Day and our College ANZAC Service.

Defence families value their welcome into the Wagga Wagga Christian College community. Kate, a mum whose three children started at the College this year says, “WWCC provides a very nurturing environment for our children and really cares about the individual people that they are as well as providing an excellent academic standard. WWCC has a DSTA who has been very supportive to our family, keeps us up to date with events and keeps an eye on the children and how they are transitioning. To put it simply…. WLWWCC!”

dsc_0185The experience of Defence families at Wagga Wagga Christian College is that the warm welcome grows into strong, caring friendships. Rachel, mum of two students soon to be posted, says, “I can thoroughly recommend Wagga Wagga Christian College to other Defence Families. In the first two years of our posting my husband was away for months at a time with training and deployment, the support that was given to my children was fantastic. This supportive and encouraging environment will be hard to say goodbye to!”

These friendship ties are true across the families with students like Bryce, currently in Year 8, experiencing the opportunity at the Christian College to develop strong friendships not only with his classmates but also with his teachers. “I have always found the teachers so easy to talk to. They are genuinely interested in how I am going and I really appreciate the support they have offered over the years.”dsc_0175

If you would like any further information regarding Wagga Wagga Christian College please feel free to visit the College website or contact the College Office on 02 6923 8888.