National Service 6th Intake Draft 50th Anniversary Visit


National Service 6th Intake Draft commenced on September 28, 1966 and were called up for two years of service, completing their Army Recruitment training at 1 RTB Kapooka on enlistment. As this call up represented a significant change to their lives at the time, it did however; provided an experience of a lifetime with the benefit52nds of discipline, commitment and outstanding mateship formed during the various stages of training beginning at Kapooka.

September 28, 2016 represented a most significant date, being the 50th Anniversary of the 6th Intake of the National Service, a date the Commandant believes most worthy of commemorating.

29 members of the 6th Intake and their partners visited Blamey Barracks for the 50th Anniversary.

The 29 members were collected from the Wagga Wagga RSL by WO2 Stein and WO2 Fisher. The members received an Introduction from the COFS HQ ARTC followed by a tour of the Hospital, Gymnasium and Obstacle course. After lunch at the OR Mess amongst the troops the fine members from MTS (Marksmanship Training Section) introduced the 29 members and partners to the new EF88 weapon.

The members of the National Service 6th Intake Draft tested their weapon skills at the WTSS.

OC Echo Coy invited them to a tour of the lines and discussed the differences from their training to now. Apparently not a lot has changed in 50 years. A brief tour of the Kapooka Museum before a warm welcome function to wet their beaks at the SGT Mess. 50th-1

The 29 members and partners topped the day off with a dinner with invited members of ARTC at the Wagga Wagga RSL.

Quote from Harold Hogan

“Firstly may I say a big thank you for all of your efforts in pulling off a wonderful tour of the Kapooka Army Training Base for our group, together with wives and partners.


It was a fantastic day out and please convey our thanks to Mark for helping out and being so patient with all of us oldies, together with our spouses. The girls really enjoyed the experience and it gave them a better insight of where our time in the Army all started.”51st