BOTH Rugby League K9s finals were nail biters with spectators kept on the edge of their seats until the final moments of the games.

K9s OIC WO2 Mark Fisher said the final for third place was played between Kapooka and the School of Infantry.

“After a hard game it finished in a draw with the score being Kapooka 14 to SOI 14,” he said.

“We then played an extra five minutes where the first team to score would win the game.

“In the end Kapooka scored the first try and took out the game 18 to 14.”

The grand final was played between SME and ALTC Thunder.

“At one stage we thought the game was going to be another draw, but to ALTC Thunder’s credit they keep the ball moving in the last stage of the game and scored with only one minute to go,” WO2 Fisher said.

“The final score was ALTC Thunder 16 to SME 12.”

Nine ADF teams turned up for the K9s and for the first time the Kapooka team had some local civilians among their players.

“I think having them play was a great success for the comp and I can tell you they all had a great day and are looking forward to playing again,” WO2 Fisher said.