Kapooka Public School

A Small School with Big Opportunities

Kapooka Public School, situated in Kapooka Village, is a school small enough to cater for the individual needs of students while still participating in the cultural, sporting and educational opportunities offered to all Wagga schools.  20160518_125004We are part of the Community of Small Schools network in Wagga supporting parents, staff and students to gain all of the experiences of larger schools when we combine for events, professional learning and as Parents and Citizens Associations.

Recent events include:

  • our Year 5/6 class participating in our Small Schools Excursion to Sydney to support our learning about the development of the colony of Sydney, and to play the recorder in the Festival of Instrumental Music at the Opera House.
  • having artwork hung in the Wagga Art Gallery as a result of the Gulbalanha art program, presented by The Arts Unit, NSW Department of Education in partnership with the NSW Art Gallery.
  • a student qualifying to represent the Riverina in high jump at the State Athletics Carnival in Sydney.
  • two students participating, as part of the Riverina Choir, in events at the Opera House and Sydney Town Hall.


Recognising our mobile population, each year we design a project which leaves a little of our students at the school. Last year each child made a paver for our path. This year each class will decorate a large pencil shape to be placed in our gardens.garden-path-web