Marksmanship Training Section (MTS) 2018

Marksmanship Training Section (MTS) 2018

MTS started the year with a bang, returning early from Christmas leave to conduct small arms coaching and grenade range qualification courses for the Battalions newest instructors. These courses revised the conduct of land ranges with an emphasis on safety and on setting the conditions for the introduction of the new combat marksmanship continuum (CMC) mid-year. This training also provided the opportunity to inculcate new 1RTB instructors with the modern training methodologies currently employed within the Battalion during weapon qualification and marksmanship training.

April saw 3 members of MTS attend the enhanced combat shooting course (ECSC) at the School of Infantry (SOI) in Singleton NSW. This course consists of an intensive shooting package focusing on rapid, accurate threat engagement whilst employing behaviours that enhance a combatant’s lethality and survivability. These “combat behaviours” are a key concept within the CMC and this training opportunity ensured that 1RTB is current and aligned with Army’s subject matter experts.

AASAM 2018 

1RTB Master Coach WO2 Pratt, CPL Cummings and SGT Squires conducting the ECSC at SOI

Let me set the scene.

The Puckapunyal base theatre is hosting the awards ceremony following the domestic component of the Australian Army Skill at Arms Meeting (AASAM). Trophies recognising excellence in marksmanship dating back a hundred years are lined out on white tablecloths with their winners gathered behind them. Major General Burr, DCA moves along the line of victors, congratulating the clear champions of this year’s competition, the Infantrymen of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment as they line up behind trophy after trophy.

The general arrives at the “Lion” Trophy, a golden chalice awarded for excellence in the section attack match, the competitions gruelling test of endurance and team work. He pauses to inspect the team before him, a mixed rank, mixed Corps group of instructors hailing from the 1St Recruit Training Battalion. This award is the upset of the competition, with the Recruit Instructors defeating clear favourites 3 Brigade.

The team manager, Sergeant Squires approaches, “Good afternoon Sir, this is the Kapooka team”, the general pauses as the group returns his stare with the easy confidence of professional combatants. The general turns and remarks “formidable looking outfit you have here Sergeant’, “A hundred percent Sir”, comes the reply.

The 1RTB team display gold medals, the Lion Trophy and the AMP Trophy



SGT Squires        MTS       RAINF (Team Capitan)

CPL Arkins           MTS       RAINF

CPL Booth           A Coy    RAINF

CPL Cavanagh    C Coy     RAINF

LT Carino              A Coy    RACMP

CPL Cummings  MTS       RAAC

SGT Hodgson     E Coy     RAINF

BDR Macintosh C Coy     RAA

CPL Smith            MTS       RACT


This April 2018 saw a team from 1RTB compete in AASAM 18, the Army’s premier skill at arms competition. The competition is contested by teams from across Army with formation, unit and individual honours on the line. The 1RTB team had a highly successful competition achieving the following results;


Formation ARTC (8man teams)

S61 – Section attack match – Team Assault/Defence 1st

AR-28 Teams Championship 2nd

AG-48 Advanced Application of Fire LSW 2nd

AP-38 Application of Fire Team Service Pistol 3rd

AR-15 AMP 3rd


Minor unit 1 RTB-A/1 RTB-B (4man teams)

AR-28 Teams Championship 2nd 1 RTB-A 4th 1 RBT –B

AR-15 AMP – 3rd 1 RTB-A

AG-48 Advanced Application of Fire LSW 3rd 1 RTB-A

AR-17 CQP 2nd 1 RTB A 4th 1 RTB-B



R-14 AMP 1st CPL Cavanagh

R-29 Rifle Static Threat (Vice Prez) 2nd CPL Cavanagh

R-7 Long Range Snap – 450m equal 3rd CPL Arkins and BDR Macintosh


5 Members of the team finished in the top 20 making them eligible to wear the Army Top 20 Badge, the crossed rifles with wreath.


Top 20 (awarded Army Top 20 badge)

CPL Cavanagh (5th)

CPL Arkins (8th)

SGT Hodgson (10th)

SGT Squires (15th)

CPL Smith (19th)


The 1RTB Skill at Arms Team will compete again at AASAM 2019, for those interested the point of contact is Marksmanship Training Section who will be running staff development training over the coming months.

The 1RTB team immediately after winning the section attack match

Team 1RTB



As detailed in the last issue of the Kapooka Chronicle, mid 2018 will see the rollout at 1RTB of the CMC, representing a major shift in Army’s approach to rifle marksmanship. Key changes include;

  • Introduction of the EF88 Rifle and Spectre enhanced day sight to foundation combatant training.
  • The removal of the LF series of range practices to be replaced by the RP series with the culminating practice now RP3A.
  • The instruction of close shooting techniques
  • An increased focus on employing the service rifle from cover using sub optimal positions.
  • And the use of reactive targetry that rewards accuracy and promotes “firing for effect”.

These changes to marksmanship training combined with a holistic approach to preparing the foundation combatant for war by inculcating behaviours that enhance their lethality and survivability reflects 1RTBs commitment to Army’s mission and will provide a tangible increase to capability the defence of Australia and its national interests.