Recruit Development Wing

Responding to the challenges of recruitment

Australian society has evolved, and so have the needs of the modern Australian Army, along with the expectationsaj2053591 Australian society has placed upon us.

At the recently established Recruit Development Wing (RDW), our job is to help confront these changes to ensure the modern Australian Army is representative of the best of modern Australian society.

Part of Army’s approach is to increase recruitment for two demographics that are under-represented in the Australian Army: indigenous Australians, and women.

Some things that have not changed however are the required standards for recruits on the regular Army Recruit Course (ARC).

The current role of the RDW therefore, is to prepare promising candidates from these groups to meet the existing requirements of the ARC.

At the time of writing we have two platoons of female recruits undertaking the Army Pre-Conditioning Program (APCP) and we are preparing for our first intake of the Army Indigenous Development Program (AIDP).

These two groups have distinctly different training requirements. For the female recruits on the APCP, our focus is building the physical strength to meet the requirements of the ARC, while for recruits undertaking the AIDP, we will be working with the Riverina Institute of TAFE NSW to work on educational standards.

With both groups, building the self-esteem and resilience of the individual recruits is critical to success in later training. The fact is, in the past Australian society has placed lower expectations on women and indigenous Australians and this has translated into the way many individuals from these groups set their own expectations. At rdw_canolathe RDW, we are raising these individual expectations.

The RDW is still in its early stages, but we can say so far that most of the recruits who have undertaken the APCP have gone on to meet the requirements of the ARC.

Working at the RDW is very rewarding, because staff at the RDW are working towards making the Army more representative of Australian society, and they’re helping recruits who are prepared to undertake a longer recruitment process to meet Army’s required standards and go on to become good soldiers.