Water Polo


A FAST five format was used for the first time in the Kapooka Fives (K5s) water polo comp played at Kapooka on November 5. K-Series water polo OIC WO2 Quentin Stein said this meant a continuous run time on the clock with two seven-minute halves.

“To expedite the speed of play during fast fives, once a goal had been successfully scored, the restart was taken immediately by the goalkeeper as a free throw,” he said.

“Six teams, including two civilian teams for the first time, took part, playing 18 games with everyone playing each other during the comp.”

WO2 Stein said the two civilian teams made the grand final with Octopuses defeating Dolphins 8-7.

“It was a great game played hard all the way through to the end,” he said.

“All games were tightly contested with ADF2 coming in third.”

Former commandant of ARTC and now Comd 16 Avn Bde, Brig Stephen Jobson, returned to Kapooka to take part in the comp as part of the ARTC team.

The K5s is a mixed tri-service five-a-side competition played as part of the Kapooka Series (K Series).

WO2 Stein said this was the third time water polo had been played at the K-Series. 

“Overall, the K5s competition was a successful part of the K-Series,” he said.

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